FV scams a Cat - The Emotional Emo Talk
The second episode of Farmville scams a Cat





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May 25, 2010

The Emotional Emo Talk is the second episode of Farmville Scams a Cat.



After the incident, Roger Dick decided to attack Zynga the Dog with a gun but instead found the Zynga goddess, who revealed that it was all a scam.Roger Dick then decided to talk to the Zynga goddess about his missing Farmville Cash, but Zynga goddess constantly trolls at him and reveal that the Zynga Inc. only wants his money. Roger Dick got pissed off and decide to shoot his gun. Suddenly the Zynga goddess activates her Zynga powers.


  • If the Zynga goddess would have given Roger Dick about 3900 Farmville Cash. Since 650 Farmville Cash is equivalent to $100.
  • Roger Dick's Gun fires red lasers instead of bullets.
  • It is revealed that Roger Dick has a Paypal account.
  • It is also revealed that the Zynga goddess is spanish.
  • Unlike other Zynga representatives, the Zynga goddess needs to activate her Zynga powers before using them.

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