Season 1/4
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REVALTIONS of the future CTR li is pulverized

SEASON 1/4 special!

Season 1/4 is a ACTIVITY of CTR lim Agent 5.7. It's a Comics photos and more. They use a BRANDS of Wish List. They are so punishing the NEW eppisodes. he PUNNISH the CTR's Agencies.


Season 1/4 is a comics which features 2 characters: CTR Lim and Lazlo,as they get trapped into the World of Doodle in a 1/4 way...

There are 2 protagonist of the comic series: CTR Lim and Lazlo... But,there are aforementioned characters as well as: Bat, Louie, Brandon and Liza...

The makers of Season 1/4 released the comics back in March-June 2011... And also,a total of random comics... Those comics includes: Agent 5.7The HORROR Beneath, etc..

Characters in Season 1/4Edit

Main Characters:

  • CTR Lim
  • CTR Lazlo
  • CTR Luis
  • CTR Daniel (aka CTR Dan)
  • CTR Razor-Sharp
  • The Hope of the City
  • Jack
  • Saint Patrick
  • Liam Batston
  • Zero

Aforementioned Characters:

  • The Fear Factor Monster
  • Spongebob (?????)
  • 3 Annoying Cats
  • 8Gear
  • Giant Squid
  • Denzell Smith Agonstone IX
  • Esterdan Schwarzkopf
  • Dark DRONE

For more Characters,See the page: Season 1/4 Characters



  • The co-creator of the comics mentions that he would create more comics soon as he says. [1]
  • It is unknown where or how did the 3 Annoying Cats appear in a random series of the comics...
  • There are only 14 members of the CTR Inc..
  • CTR Stands for City's Tracker Raptors...
  • There are 3 comics which are to be released soon...