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Goldbeak the Duck is a protagonist of Tomboy's Life. He is the Richest person of Wild Ones (he is a trillionare). Lanzocharles's opinion is because of his gold beak, he was the chosen one and make trillions. He dislikes Rihanna, Shakira, Armadillo Azi, Tom the Cat (before), Rich the Red , Evil Villains and some People's wickedness. He has many weapons like Explosives and an infinite ammo Shotgun. When he was 21, he was an actor and a vendor. Goldbeak was born in the early 1970s (probably 1971 or 1972) in California.Later in chapter 6 he became friend with Tom the Cat when he changed from evil to good.


  • He is the only Duck of wild ones with a Golden Beak like many regular Ducks

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