Farmville scams a Cat
Farmville scams a Cat


Action, Adventure, Comedy, Mildly sick



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Farmville scams a Cat also known as "FV scams a Cat" is the first Wild Ones Comic series. it features the adventures of a Cat named Roger Dick and his quest to defeat Zynga the Dog together with his firends David Bowie the Panda and Private Pervy the Monkey.

Main CharactersEdit

Team Bowie

Zynga Inc.


Season 1

  1. The Scamful Beginning
  2. The Emotional Emo Talk
  3. Milk of Doom
  4. The Mystery Pet
  5. Not Bowie
  6. Bowie's Story Pt. 1
  7. Bowie's Story Pt. 2
  8. The Cat Interupted
  9. Bowie's Story Pt. 3
  10. Bowie's Story Pt. 4
  11. Zynga Main god Pt. 1
  12. Zynga Main god Pt. 2
  13. Zynga Lives
  14. Yamata Tomato Dragon
  15. A Cat named Dick
  16. A Letter from Bowie
  17. Wild Perverted Ones
  18. Epic Miss
  19. Deal or No Deal
  20. Smack Talk
  21. All for Zynga and Zynga for Money
  22. Cute Question
  23. Team Bowie Motto
  24. Pikachu Strikes
  25. Activate Naked Mode
  26. Beheaded
  27. The Truth Hurts
  28. Pest and Peace
  29. Armadillo Forest
  30. The Art of Cheating
  31. Wizards of Armadillo Places
  32. Hannah Banana
  33. Pop Star of Our Generation
  34. Where's the FV Cash
  35. Special Tree
  36. Wise Enough To Fool
  37. Private Pervy's Secret
  38. Pressure
  39. Crossroad of David Bowie
  40. Enter Old Zynga Headquarters
  41. Pervert's Will Power
  42. Porkchop
  43. The Milk of Zynga Hades
  44. Entrance to the Portal
  45. Zynga Hades
  46. Zynga's Past
  47. Zynga's Plan
  48. Lost References
  49. Biggest HOPA
  50. The Legacy of Roger Dick
  51. How a Slut Dies
  52. Tower Escape
  53. Devastating News
  54. The Dark Mission
  55. The Dark Mission(second)
  56. The Hand of Zades
  57. Cranberry of Doom
  58. Demonster's Heart
  59. Iron Swift Scare Monkey
  60. No Cuts! No Glory!
  61. Team Knight?
  62. Wild Ones Frontier
  63. Goo Goo Gas
  64. Hypnosis Gun
  65. Suicidal Pink Pony
  66. King Playfish Epic Fail
  67. Nurse Pain
  68. Cloud Strife Strikes
  69. Samurai Soul
  70. Final Fantasy 14
  71. Shock a Poop
  72. Squash of Heaven
  73. Last Words
  74. Huge Pet
  75. Gunnex's Hyper Galactic Cannon
  76. The Reviving Myth
  77. Epsilon the Judge
  78. Epsilon's Fans Decrease!
  79. Reaper
  80. Sigma the Messenger

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