CAT! is one of Main Characters is CAT!

CAT!'s Picture ^

Info v

Full Name



  • 14 (Ep.0)
  • 16 (Ep.1)
  • 20 (Ep.2 up to Season 4)
  • 22 (Season 4)
  • 25 (Season 5 - onwards)


  • CAT! Senor
  • CAT! Junior

and many other family members that will be revealed soon...





Vehicles owned

A blue convertible

Appears in

As he is a main character he appears in every episode.


  • In Episode 0 he is 14 but later in Episode 1 he is 16.
  • He is Cat with hacked color.
  • He always wears the same clothes: Heart Shirt, IBelt, Grey Pants and Blue Sneakers.
  • The name give to him is unknown Because of the ! at end.
  • His father and younger brother are also name CAT! but with Senior or Junior at the end.
  • He is Spanish.
  • His father speaks only Spanish but when he was talking to CAT! he was talking English.
  • He is the first one to make Anti-Playdom Group
  • Before, His look was supposed to be:Plain Grey Cat with Shirt, Pants and Hat.

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